A low-gravity artificial moon, similar to the moon, aids Chinese astronauts in their preparation

At the time of writing this article, 12 people know what it is like to walk on the surface of the Earth and experience the gravity of the Moon. Four…

At the time of writing this article, 12 people know what it is like to walk on the surface of the Earth and experience the gravity of the Moon. Four of them are alive. The total is expected to change within a few years as one or more countries return humans to the moon. At the same time, anyone (with clear evidence and clear secrets, of course) can experience the gravity of the Earth’s moon in China’s new artificial moon.Buzz Aldrin Live MoonWalker

Wait … didn’t China just make an artificial sun?

You must be in your artificial space agency, Grasshopper. In less than two weeks, China’s EAST (Advanced Superconducting Experimental Tokamak) fusion reactor overheats the plasma circle to five times the temperature of the Earth’s surface (158 million or 70 million degrees) for 17 minutes. Set a world record. It’s impressive, but it’s not as difficult as removing gravity from Earth over a long period. This achievement was achieved at a research institute in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, by a team led by Li Ruilin of China University of Mining and Industry. This laboratory is about to be fully operational.

“Simulators can” extinguish “gravity and” live as long as you want. ” ”
The South China Morning Post reports that the Mini Moon features an artificial lunar landscape composed of rocks and dust with lifelike weight and density. The mini-moon is placed in a room inside a vacuum chamber with two strong magnets on the opposite side. Magnets create a magnetic field in the room that “lifts” the room and the small moon to levels of gravity such as Earth’s gravity, Moon’s gravity (one-sixth of Earth’s gravity). There is nothing between Earth), gravity, etc. According to Lee, a tensile test is a type of stress test that measures the tension or load that an object can withstand and can take several days.

Now, when can we non-astronauts walk the little moon?

Well, I caught it only once. A small moon with a diameter of only 60 cm (2 ft)-not big enough for your feet … probably a tardigrade foot (you’ll be a better astronaut than you). (You can see the feature map here.) But that’s just the beginning, and the South China Morning Post states that even such a small size has great benefits.

2 feet? Dieting doesn’t help either.

“According to Lee, the lunar simulator can also be used to test whether structures can be built on the lunar surface using new technologies such as 3D printing. This is permanent, such as surface problems. Helps to assess the ability to build a typical human settlement. Ability to retain heat. “Some experiments in a simulated environment have shown where to look for water standing under the surface, etc.”, Can also give some important clues. ”
Yes, the Chinese Change 5 lunar module has just discovered water on the surface of the moon. This is the first time scientists have found evidence of water on the moon on the spot. However, the second mini-moon is easier.

If you’re worried that this will lead China in the race to build a base on the Moon … Li said the Moon’s gravity simulator will be open to researchers from all over the world.

It would be great to have a collection that could send the four astronauts who lived that month and witness the gravity of the moon again.

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