This is a very special website, it will help you to change your point of view about life deeply. You will understand some aspects, which you do not know of…
  This is a very special website, it will help you to change your point of view about life deeply. You will understand some aspects, which you do not know of their existence and can discover lands which you have ever know of.

  That will be lands that are so special, just like the adventurous journey of Alice in Wonderland. The important thing is, do you have enough strength to step inside the rabbit hole to travel to the Wonderland or not?

Because the information written in this website will go against with those you have been taught at school or have been believed in.

It will break away any illusion which you have created about the current world, you will be shocked when you have escaped the matrix of knowledge   But to be awakened, you will need to cross over the barrier of your mind, you will need to open your head and be brave to pass through your own stubborn belief.

The choice is yours!

If you choose to read this website to discover, this is the advice for you:

For the first time to read, scan through those parts that you could not understand, read it as whole to capture the main contents of the website.

In future readings, remember to read each chapter carefully, you will understand the paragraphs that made you feel vague and could not understand before.

This is the website that has many different layers of meaning, let reread it many times. The more you read, the more you can understand many hidden messages inside.


The secret of Universe, or to be more accurate it is a nature of life, the creation is what the nowadays modern humanity is still searching but have not find the appropriate answer for all the problems

              The start and the end of the Universe? Who did create this Universe?

              Is God real or not? Religion or Science, which one is correct?

  Which are rules for development and operation of nature? How do they affect people’s life?

  Problems of modern science such as what is dark matter? Is there existence of smallest particle? What about quantum physics?

  The spiritual experience that human could not explain: Time travel, future foreseen, memory of the past life…

  And there are still many other problems.

  If human keeps putting their thought inside the frame belong to two schools of materialism and idealism, we will forever be able to find the answer for those above questions.

  Then, we will never understand the nature of spiritual stories, as well as matters that have not been explained by science too.

  This lack of knowledge will lead blinded people into superstitions deeply when they had spiritual experiences. On the contrary, it also created a group of people who were blinded by science, materialism, caused devastating destruction to life across the Globe.

  That is the reason why I wrote the website, to hope it will help you to have a fresh point of view completely about everything that you have imagined about this world: What is correct? What is wrong? What is good? What is bad? What is illusion? What is truth?

  Of course, the information from this website is rather not philosophy, but the point of view from the author. The important thing is that you understand, and accept those that are alike to your experiences, for matters that you have not come across, you can doubt them.

  These points of view originate from most ancient knowledges of human, from both Eastern and Western, such as I Ching, Five elements, Energy… They are not a new knowledge, but I will explain it using familiar point of view, especially which you have ever seen before. It will help you recognizing that the knowledge from our ancients is not that much of mighty and mystery, but it rather is so simple and relates closely to the modern science.

  To start, we return back to the topic of this chapter, that is: what is “The key” to decode the secret of the Universe? It is simple, everything in this Universe is encrypted inside the most basic drawing, which everyone knows:

Drawing of Yin – Yang (extreme)

  To be able to understand this picture of Yin-Yang, it is not simple, the majority of us only know the white is stand for “Yang”, the black is stand for “Yin”. While: 

  Yang: possitive, upward, light, masculine, good thing, material…. Yin: negative, downward, darkness, feminine, bad thing, anti-material.

  Yin and Yang are two opposite extremes but cannot be separated, in Yin has Yang and in Yang has Yin.

  Understand this is the understanding of two dimension (2D) about Yin-Yang. To unlock this picture, we need to have a completely different angle to our view, that is the three dimensions view’s angle about Yin-Yang.

  So, if the two-dimensional picture of Yin-Yang is a projectized image on the 2-dimensional surface of a picture in the three-dimensional space (3D), then which shape will the three-dimensional picture have?

That is a toroidal shape – Torus:


The energy flows by the spiral shape of Torus


The two-dimensional Yin-Yang picture on three-dimensional Torus block



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