The Consciousness Law expresses that all of us are one with the character which is awareness. Awareness creates energy’s field, then creates every existence in the Universe. The consciousness is…

The Consciousness Law expresses that all of us are one with the character which is awareness. Awareness creates energy’s field, then creates every existence in the Universe. The consciousness is the awareness of perception and creation which comes from that consciousness.

The awareness has the unique ability, that is division. Awareness is divided into different pieces, then creating small energy field in countless different level. With countless defragmentation, awareness creates countless of consciousness level, the result is that there is countless different level of reality.

This means all living beings in term of their nature are Creators – Awareness creates reality of life. But in cognition’s levels of awareness, there will be different vibration frequency, and the expression of creations is different.

Gods with consciousness in high vibration range is the synthesis of countless awareness of living beings inside that has the lower vibration. So, the consciousness of high vibration is the synthesis knowledge of lower-level ones, creating wise general knowledge, the intelligence which is in the highest level.

The next manifestation of Creators of high vibration is love, forgiveness, empathy, unconditional sharing, respect to living beings.

Because, when harming other living beings is harming a fraction of the totality of the Creator himself, this is not an act of wisdom. Thus, unconditional love is a result of the Creator’s wisdom.

In contrast, the inner living beings of the Creator have lower consciousness’s vibration, so the awareness is only a small fragment. Fragmentation creates a consciousness that divides the duality of right and wrong. This division creates conflict, which will lead to violence, anger, fear, suffering, jealousy, possessiveness, ego… even though it all comes from something with good purpose.

Therefore, the main manifestation of the living beings’ consciousness with low vibration is stupidity and lack of understanding. Greed and cruelty are just the consequences of this lack of understanding. There is no such thing as really evil or really good energy, it’s all just manifest results that come from knowing the consciousness.

This goes against the common understanding of people, which is that there exists a God, Buddha full of love and benevolence in contrast to the evil and greedy demon king. In fact, the essence of both is one, both are expressions of consciousness in the same whole. The only difference lies in the fragmentation of awareness or the vibration frequency of the high or low energy fields. 

The living beings’ soul has unevolved consciousness – Low vibration is a fragment in the totality of the Creator with evolved consciousness – high vibration.

The Creators of Man are energy fields with tremendous size, of which we are one of that overall. Because the Creator’s nature is an energy field, the Creator does not have a specific form when appearing to humans but chooses to appear with the image that people easily feel most acceptable. 

Therefore, with different cultures, the Creators when communicating will form different images such as Buddha, fairies, God, angels… All of them are one and are expressions of different forms of the same Creator who created mankind.

Of course, the Creator also has many different levels. The closest one is the energy field that creates the Earth, the planetary-level Creator. This Creator is often called mother earth, Mother Gaia. We – humans are part of that gigantic energy field.

Greater one is the Solar System-level Creator, or energy field that creates the Solar System and all its inner planets. Our Solar System is similarly a Creator, Heavenly Father, the God of Sun that we often call.

The Galaxy is the creation of a galactic Creator, we are just a very tiny fragment within 

In a similar way, the synthesis of many the Solar System-level Creators creates the star clusters-level Creator. The overall picture of the star clusters-level Creator creates galaxy-level Creator. The Galaxy – The Milky Way is the creation of a galaxy-level Creator. This Creator is often called God, the Supreme Being, or the Source of all spirits.

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