Energy-Eating Creatures: Supernatural, Shadowy Creatures That Will Drain You

Over the last few years, I’ve experienced some strange things (actually very strange things), but it seems to be increasing. This is the problem of reporting that people are depleting…

Over the last few years, I’ve experienced some strange things (actually very strange things), but it seems to be increasing. This is the problem of reporting that people are depleting their energy and even their vitality at night by supernatural beings. Of course, this is not new. To understand everything, you need to use Google words such as “Incubus”, “Succubus”, “Lilith”, and “Sleep Paralysis”. We are talking about vampire-like creatures that rob us of “food.” But since 2020, I have noticed that I am at the end of many such frequent reports. Now, it’s important to note that I wrote a book called Parasites in 2018. Its subtitle: The appetite of a supernatural entity has been consumed. Like many writers and writers, I receive feedback. This definitely happened in my book Parasite Parasite. However, I am convinced that the reports received in the last two years have been enormous. I have no idea why this happens. As you can see, there are others.

(Nick Redfern) Creatures to keep away from

A few years ago, the pattern of “energy hogs” reported to me was fairly random. In other words, someone may have reported an old dog in the bedroom. Or maybe someone meets a pale black woman. Some report that lizards appear to stand upright in the bedroom early in the morning. And so on. But since 2020, things have changed. The number of people consuming energy is increasing, but the number of reported organisms is decreasing to one. An existence called “Hatman”. The best way I can explain this creature to you is: I wear a shadowy entity, almost always an old-fashioned fedora hat, a vest, and sometimes a cape. All clothes are black. You may have guessed it too.

Background information for people wearing hats. Let’s start with an excerpt from a carefully written essay by Jason Offutt (Walking the Dark: Shadows Among Us author). For some reason, Jason said: This photo looks like it’s from a detective magazine in the 1940s. Then raise your hand or take a step forward. It moves awkwardly and exaggeratedly. This guy has a problem-dangerously wrong. In this picture, a man in an old-fashioned suit and a hat is popular in the paranormal territory, crossing the line of men wearing black fixed UFOs and wearing darker and brighter hats than men. increase. “

Nick Redfern: The Man with the Hat

Jason also said: When the man in the hat sneaked into his life, he lived with his mother, his brother, and grandmother in San Jose, California. He lay in bed with his brother and talked before they slept. The window glass was moving. Charles “A dark person dressed in a black cloak and a wide-brimmed hat appeared in the window.” This person has no obvious facial features, but I think it’s a man. “

It’s very attractive. But what’s particularly interesting to me is why there are more and more cases of people wearing hats who haven’t seen them in many cases. As I said, I’m sure it’s also because I’m a writer and people are seducing me on their accounts. However, this does not seem to be a perfect angle. As I said above, I receive many cases. I have to admit that I don’t know why this is possible. But all I can say is that I keep track of this strange situation and keep posting to you.

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