What causes the feeling of satiety?

How does the body let us know it has had enough to eat?

How does the body let us know it has had enough to eat?

Deep inside the brain, in the core called the dragon, there are brain centers that sense both hunger and satiety. The increased activity of these centers makes us feel hungover or that we are full.

As soon as the food reaches the stomach, the production of the hunger hormone ghrelin decreases.

That alone creates a certain feeling of satiety.

As nutrients from food pass through the blood through the liver, it registers the level of glucose in the blood.

A message about this is automatically sent along the nerve fibers to the brain and has a big impact on the feeling of satiety.

The concentration of amino acids and fatty substances also play a role in the feeling of satiety by influencing the dragon.

Some people do not feel the feeling of satiety

The hormone leptin is found in fat cells and is released when the amount of fat in the cells increases.

The increased level of leptin in the blood also causes a feeling of satiety and is involved in controlling energy consumption.

People who have a certain mutation in the gene that codes for leptin have difficulty controlling their food intake.

It does not feel satiety and therefore excessively fattening.

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